Our Aim

- Strengthen the existing community of cooperating wireless orientated businesses;
- Development of business plans, financing, management development etc. for the startups;
- Initiating and realising the cooperation between business and knowledgecenters;

This innovative knowledge cluster is an initiative of:

Wireless Leiden Foundation
The Wireless Leiden Foundation has the ambition to establish a fast, open and inexpensive wireless community network for the Dutch city of Leiden and surrounding villages. Whilst similar initiatives exist in other cities, like Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, New York, we believe that Leiden has a unique approach with greater potential. We are building a local network, technically comparable to the Internet, but standing alone and functioning independently. It is fast, inexpensive, and extremely well suited for local communication and community Internet access. Our netwerk includes 50 nodes, most of them linked to at least two other nodes, and covers the whole region Rijnland (about 200.000 people)

CeTIM is an international academic research and education institute at University BW Munich. CeTIM has an office in Leiden, the Netherlands. Our domain is management of technology, innovation and strategic change. CeTIM is involved in similar innovative clusters like www.virtuelle-fabrik.ch in Switzerland and www.anwendungszentrum.de in München. As external coach CeTIM guides the cluster's evolution process. CeTIM also does the project management and support for the international EU-Galileo cooperation. CeTIM cooperates with the Leiden University School of Management in developtig a 'just-in-time management' program for startups.